Golf Course Rules & Regulations  


1. The Club Manager, Golf Professional and Greens Superintendent shall be responsible for the administration of these Rules and Regulations.
2. The "Golf Season" shall be considered from April 1st to October 31st, or such other period as determined by the Golf Association of Philadelphia. The rest of the year shall be considered the Off Season." During the Golf Season, players shall post all scores for handicap purposes. Handicaps are computed according to USGA regulations and are posted in the Pro Shop. Posted handicaps shall govern all tournament play at the CLUB.
3. The USGA Rules of Golf and/or local rules adopted by the Golf Committee shall control all play at the CLUB unless specifically modified by the Golf Professional and/or the Golf Committee. Any question involving the application of USGA rules and/or local rules shall be decided by the Golf Professional and/or Golf Committee.
4. Times of Play on the golf course are as stated in the Golf Schedule and as posted in the Pro Shop. All members eligible to play because of their membership status may play golf at the times indicated unless the course has been reserved for tournament play or an outing, or unless the course has been closed or play restricted because of bad weather or course maintenance. Authority to close the course or restrict play resides with the Greens Superintendent and his assistants. In exercising such authority, the presumption shall be that the course shall be open, unless there is good reason to close it or to restrict play. If the golf course has been closed, no evaluation to reopen will take place after 3:00pm.
5. The Golf Professional and the Caddymaster are responsible for organizing the order of play at the 1st tee, as well as for assigning caddies and carts. Players may start on a tee other than the 1st tee only with permission of the Golf Professional and/or Caddymaster and this permission shall not be granted if there is a group on the two preceding holes. A playing group shall not be placed on the list for "tee off" until 3 of the 4 players are present. Players must register with the Caddymaster prior to anyone going on the golf course.
6. From April 1st to October 31st players must use carts or caddies before 2PM. From November 1st to December 1st players must use carts or caddies before 1PM. If caddies are not available, the player may walk and carry his clubs; however, a golf cart fee shall be charged. Pull carts are not permitted at any time. From December 1st to March 31st, players may elect to carry their bags at no charge to the member.
7. During the Golf Season, playing groups may not exceed four (4) players. During the Off Season, playing groups may exceed four (4) players if conditions permit. Prior to teeing off, permission for the additional player or players must be obtained from the Golf Professional.
8. Junior golfers are children of eligible members from six (6) to eighteen (18) years of age and from nineteen (19) to twenty-four (24) years of age who are full-time students at an accredited college or university. Certified 18 holers are permitted to tee off at the following times:

Monday (Holidays) After 9:30AM with their PARENTS only at the time their parents are allowed to play. This privilege will not be afforded on tournament days. Not with parent – after 2PM.
Tuesday    After 1:30PM
Wednesday After 2PM
Thursday After 2PM
Friday  9:30AM to 12PM and after 2PM
Saturday & Sunday After 9:30AM with their PARENTS only and at the time their parents are allowed to play. This privilege will not be afforded on tournament days. Not with parent – after 2PM.

All other junior play may tee off after 3PM. Junior golfers (11) years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult member when using either the course or any practice area. Junior golfers may use the range only if space permits. Junior golfers fifteen (15) years of age and older are permitted to play in any entry fee tournament, the Stroke Play and Match Play Club Championship (Championship flight only), the Horace Rawlins and the Springhaven Cup.
9. Non-resident members may play golf ten (10) times during any calendar year. On each day of play, the Non-resident member shall register in the Pro Shop and shall pay any applicable fees. More than eighteen (18) holes of play is permitted. If the Non-resident member has contributed to the prize fund and has a sufficient number of rounds remaining to complete the tournament, he may participate, space permitting, in any CLUB tournament on the same terms as any other member. Playing in any one-day member-guest tournament or in the Annual Member-Guest shall not count towards the permitted ten (10) rounds.
10.  (a) House members may play golf six (6) times as a member during any calendar year. Play is permitted anytime during the week provided there is not a tournament and Weekends after 12PM. The House member is permitted to bring three guests per round. On each day of play, the House member shall register in the Pro Shop and shall pay any applicable fees. More than eighteen (18) holes of play is permitted. House members may not play as a guest on any occasion except in any one-day member-guest tournament or in the Annual Member-Guest. The spouse and children of a House member shall not have golfing privileges. Under exceptional circumstances, the Board of Governors may extend golfing privileges to the spouse and children of a Certificate Member who has transferred to House Member at a fee to be determined by the Board.
(b) House members on the Certificate waiting list may play golf ten (10) times as a member during any calendar year.  Play is permitted after 12PM on weekdays and weekends and the House member on the certificate waiting list is permitted to bring up to three (3) guests per round. House Members on the Certificate waiting list may also use the practice facilities at any time but are otherwise subject to all other golf rules and regulations governing House members as stated in Rule 10 (a) above.
11. The guest policy for all members other than House, Life and Honorary are as follows:
(a) A sponsoring member may bring one (1) guest for golf and play with that guest at any time when the sponsoring member is eligible to play. After 9:30AM on weekends and holidays, a sponsoring member may bring from one (1) to three (3) guests for golf and play with those guests at any time when the sponsoring member is eligible to play. Any person may play as a guest for golf only six (6) times in any calendar year. The Golf Professional Staff shall not permit any person to play who has previously been a guest six (6) times in that calendar year.
(b) Prior to teeing off, all guests shall be registered in the Pro Shop and all greens fees and cart fees for the guest shall be charged to the house account of the sponsoring member. The sponsoring member shall be responsible for any and all damage caused to CLUB property, as well as any and all house charges incurred, by the guest.
(c) Once a year, a sponsoring member, limited to Certificate, Intermediate or Spousal, may bring up to nineteen (19) guests for golf with the permission of both the Club Manager and the Golf Professional, and after the sponsoring member has requested such permission in writing at least two (2) weeks, but not more than ninety (90) days, prior to the date of play.
12.  Golf attire must be in good taste. Soft Spikes are mandatory. Tee shirts, tank tops, jeans, cargo pants, bathing suits, tennis shorts, short shorts and similar apparel are specifically prohibited. A golf shirt with a collar, a turtleneck, a sweater, golf skirts and slacks, long pants or Bermuda length shorts are expected and required. Shirts must remain tucked in at all times. The Club Manager, the Golf Professional and/or the Golf Committee may determine whether this Rule has been violated and shall prohibit any individual violating this Rule from the use of the golf course and practice areas.
13. Players shall observe appropriate golf etiquette at all times. Faster matches should be invited to play through and players should play no shot until the group in front is out of range. If the group in front is more than one hole ahead, and you are delaying play, you must invite the group behind you to play through. During tournaments, all players in the tournament have the right-of-way and anyone not playing in the tournament shall immediately invite all tournament players to play through. Members should refer to their handbooks for Pace of Play Guidelines.
14. Everyone is responsible for replacing divots, filling divots on the par 3 tees, repairing ball marks, entering and exiting from the back of the bunker, and raking the bunker. Players shall refrain from littering on the course. Under no circumstance, shall any person intentionally damage the course. Any member who so damages, or who’s spouse, children or guest so damages the course, shall be charged.
15. The practice areas of the CLUB consist of the putting green in front of the Clubhouse, the practice range and the practice green by the Clubhouse patio. Golfers shall use all reasonable safety precautions when using these areas and they shall use these areas at their own risk. On all practice areas, irons only are permitted, and golfers must remain in any designated hitting area when practicing. Chipping, not pitching, is permitted to the putting green in front of the Clubhouse. Chipping and pitching are permitted to the practice green by the Clubhouse patio.
16. Caddies are employed by the player, not by the CLUB. Caddy fees are to be paid directly to the Caddy at the conclusion of the round. Complaints about Caddies shall be made to the Golf Professional and/or the Caddymaster. Members and their guests shall not abuse or mistreat the caddies.
17. Golf carts are the property of the CLUB. All players must sign for a cart in the Pro Shop prior to being assigned a cart and teeing off. No person under sixteen (16) may rent or drive a golf cart. A golf cart shall carry no more than two (2) golf bags at any one time. Children two (2) years of age and younger are not permitted to ride in carts at any time. Members are responsible for cart damage and shall be charged for the repair of any cart damage, which is intentionally caused by the member, spouse, child or guest. Cart fees are determined by the Board of Governors and are posted in the Pro Shop.
18. Unless otherwise posted on the 1st and/or 10th tees, golf carts shall be driven and parked on the cart paths. The Greens Superintendent and his assistants shall have the authority to permit the unrestricted use of carts or their use pursuant to the "Scatter rule." When such a decision has been made, it shall not be posted on the 1st and/or 10th tees. At no time shall carts be driven within ten (10) yards of any green, over any tee, through any bunker, or within any area marked off limits on the course.
19. Violations of these Golf Course Rules and Regulations will be dealt with accordingly. Depending on the severity, actions may include: Review by the Rules Committee and/or the Board of Directors which may result in disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions may include letter of warning, imposition of penalties, including suspension of privilege of Member to rent or use golf carts and/or play golf and use the facilities. Violations of these Golf Course Rules and Regulations should be reported verbally or in writing to the Club Manager or Golf Professional.
20. The CLUB shall provide for the storage and cleaning of the primary golf bag of a member. This service is performed at an established fee. Golf bags and clubs may not be stored anywhere in the CLUB except through this service.
21. An "Outing" is an organized tournament, typically held on Monday, consisting of at least eighty (80) players. Only ten (10) outings shall be permitted in any calendar year, but no outings shall be permitted until May. The Board of Governors may permit additional Outings or a lesser number of players in the Outing, if in the best interests of the CLUB. Any member playing in an Outing shall be charged at the same rate as any non-member playing in the Outing.
22. All credits won from the prize fund shall be applied to future purchases in the Pro Shop. All credits must be used by December 31st of the year in which such credit was earned.