Caddy Program

The Caddy Program has been a part of The Springhaven Club since its inception in 1896. Through the years caddies have helped players manage the course to Club Championships, through US Open Qualifiers and Springhaven Cup Invitationals.

The Springhaven Club has many nuances that the player will not begin to imagine when they play the course for the first time. Course management is needed and a watchful eye can remind the player to stay focused. Currently our caddies number in the 20's and 30's depending on the time of the year and the weather conditions. All are taught and managed by Sean Driscoll who imparts on them the necessary skills to become a successful caddy here at the Club.

The Springhaven Club has been blessed with some of the nicest gentlemen that have carried a golf bag in the service of a golfer looking for the perfect walking companion.